HSE and Quality


Safety and Environment

Ferretti IS, a company registered to UNI ISO 45001:2018, operates in accordance with specific directives, guidelines, and operating procedures and practices designed to ensure maximum compliance with legislation governing the health of its workforce, safety in the workplace and, last but not least, respect for the environment.

All levels of the company organization are totally committed to achieving the set safety at work and environmental protection and respect objectives that are fundamental to enhancing the company in which we operate.

Ferretti IS’s proactive commitment


We dialogue proactively with the stakeholders and the parties involved in our production process (the general public, customers, local companies, trade organizations).


We draw up improvement plans: we set safety and environmental objectives and constantly check the level of progress.


We are grateful to those who display a positive attitude to safety and environmental matters.


We monitor our work constantly to ensure full compliance with safety and environmental legislation.


Our information and communication system enables us to publicize the safety policies.


We are always ready to manage possible emergencies, promptly and expertly so as to minimize their possible impact.


We develop and manage prevention and protection processes to protect our workers and the environment, identifying the risks connected with the company’s business.


We use cutting-edge equipment and machinery for safety, and we subject them to regular maintenance to ensure full efficiency over time.


We assure high levels of health and safety in the workplace in order to protect our workers and assess carefully potential risks connected to each activity.


We develop continuous training plans in order to encourage education in health, safety and the environment and also involve our subcontractors in this.


Policy and objectives

One of the objectives of our Group is Total Quality, an instrument that is indispensable to us that support company growth and technological development.

Our companies in Italy and Mexico are constantly engaged in developing a quality system for continuous improvement of the processes by sharing experiences and developing best practices.

Quality objectives

Involving our customers proactively in determining objectives and quality standards that are jointly agreed to mutual satisfaction.
Drawing up quality plans, keeping them up to date and checked throughout all the phases of the productive process.
Involving our suppliers and subcontractors so that they share our company’s quality objectives.
Setting up a continuous training process regarding quality processes that involves all levels of the company organization.
Analyzing the specific techniques to design projects, checking the techniques and sharing them with the staff who will be involved in performing the work.
Updating company operating procedures constantly in accordance with current international standards.